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Premium 1.0mm Derma Roller

  • Invented in the 90's for various skin conditions, the derma roller is used to Stimulate Collagen Production by "awaking" damaged skin cells in the "epidermis" and even deeper "dermis" skin layers.

    Save time and money – treat yourself at home - less money spent, in the convenience and privacy of your home, investing 5 minutes each 2-4 weeks

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Premium 1.0mm Derma Roller

In the quest of creating the best, safest and long lasting Derma Roller we found that the needles on most of the derma rollers out there tend to Lose their sharpness, bend While Being Used, Rust and End Up Harming The Customer. This is why we choose the strongest metal Mother Nature has to offer – to assure those tiny micro needles will never bend in to your skin!

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