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Are You Sure Your Carrier Oil Is As High Quality As Promised?

December 06, 2016

Natural cold pressed oils and carrier oils are almost always the exact same thing. They contain the extract oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels or the nuts.

Carrier or natural oils play a crucial role as a companion of topically applied oils. They are undoubtedly appreciated by the ones who adore essential oils. They are basically extracted from vegetarian resources. Carrier oils most commonly have neutral  or the source of the extract fragrance. Unlike essential oils, carrier oils are non-volatile. This is the reason they are considered brilliant medium for dilution and application.

There are a few misconceptions about what can be used as carrier oil and what cannot be. Petroleum jelly which is a derivative of petroleum and other mineral oils should not be used in place of carrier oils. Similarly butter or vegetable shortening can definitely not serve the purpose of carrier oils. 

organic carrier oils


Qualities of Carrier Oils

Left alone the carrier oils are the perfect  natural beauty substance there is. They store all the crucial vitamins, and fatty acids your body needs. A lot of women these days find it highly important adding a natural essence to their daily beauty regime. Dropping a few drops in to in a shampoo, cream, serum or lotion, they are always welcome with what ever you apply.

Carrier oils are free of strong aroma and do not evaporate, these two qualities precisely make carrier oils perfect for the purpose of diluting strong essential oils, creams and shapoos. Since essential oils evaporate very quickly and contain strong aroma, carrier oils are used to reduce the concentration of essential oils without compromising the therapeutic qualities of essential oils. By diluting an essential oil by using a carrier oil, the concentration of essential oil can be controlled prior to applying. 

natural oils


Cold Pressed, Unrefined Carrier Oils

While choosing a carrier oil, one thing which should be considered is, select a carrier oil which is cold pressed, has no additives, and is pure and unrefined. Since the cold pressed oils are not heated, therefore they keep the necessary beneficial properties preserved. Similarly, the unrefined oils keep their richness, productivity and strength conserved because they don’t undergo rigorous refining process. Know these oils should have a scent of the extract source. For example pumpkin seed oil, should smell a bit like pumpkin!

choosing the right carrier oil


Be ware of fuels promises

Since there are a wide variety of carrier oils available, it is hard to mention what each and every one should look, smell and feel like. We recommend you stick to these rules when shopping for a natural oil:
1) Cold pressed

2) Unrefined

3) No Additives or preservatives 

4) Carrier / Natural oils have usually a “short” life time after being opened and mixed with air. About 6 months, depending on the weather in your region. If a company promises more than that, you better investigate a bit further.

5) Scent - It is natural! That means it comes with the aroma of the seed / fruit / vegetable or nut is was extracted from. 

6) Look for a batch / LOT number. Companies who keep track of that are more likely to be high quality. 

7) Investigate the packaging - Do they provide you instructions on how to properly store and use the oil?

8) Texture - 100% natural oil should be thick, with a noticeable color- orange/yellow/ black and ect,. Just not clear..

Carrier oils can differ extensively in their characteristics such as fragrance, consistency and absorption. While using a carrier oil, one should keep in mind that they can eventually go bad. Therefore, they should be used within the mentioned time on the bottle / packaging.


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